Saturday, September 15, 2012

IT Band Stretches (Iliotibial Band)

Some of the causes of IT Band Syndrome.

IT band syndrome often occurs in people that put a lot of stress on their legs. Be it running, cycling, martial arts or squatting heavy in the gym. The syndrome can happen from natural causes for instance if you have slightly bowed legs or if one leg is longer than the other.
Even if you do practise any of these activities it can often be avoided by a change in your technique or form. Please try to consult with a professional in your field for advice on prevention.
Stretching and flexibility treatments have been proven to help the symptoms of ITband syndrome.


Let us look at some stretches you can preform to help easy pain and heal. 


Streching Exercise 1
  • You will need to place your left hand against a solid object, a wall or anything that isn't going to move.
  • You will move your right leg over you left leg so your ankles are together and there is little weight on your right leg and it is just resting, most of the weight will be on your left. 
  • Move your right arm so it is above your head and arched towards the wall, stretch it out with out letting the sole of your left foot leave the floor
  • You will need to stretch your full range of movement for at least 30 seconds.
  • Do not rotate your hips in either direction when stretching out. 
  • Keep your legs and hips vertical
  • Relax and now do the same on your other leg.
 Stretching Exercise 2
  • Sit on the floor and place your right arm directly behind your back so you arm is straight and hand is on floor.
  • Stretch your left leg out straight in front of you. 
  • Cross you right leg over your left leg and keep it bent so your right foot is near your left knee.
  • Place your left arm against the outside of your right knee.
  • Now turn your body to the right keeping your legs in position at all times. 

Stretching Exercise 3 
  • Sit down on a chair or bench
  • Cross over the left leg on top of your right.
  • Place arms over your left leg.
  • Lean forward over your legs.
Stretching Exercise 4  (Foam roller needed) 
  • You will need to place a think foam roller cylinder on the floor
  • Move your right leg over top of the roller so the roller is in contact with your outside thigh and that leg is straight. 
  • Use your arms to support your weight so your arms are in a push up position.
  • Your left leg will be bent over top of your right leg for balance and stability.
  • Now you can roll out and stretch to about above the knee.

Stretching Exercise 5
  • Stand straight up
  • Cross your legs with your feet close together
  • With your legs straight try to touch the floor with your arms in front of you.
  • Don't over do it but try to maintain the stretch for 30 seconds.

If you are experiencing moderate to high amounts of pain and even swelling remember to use RICE:

  • Stop doing anything that puts pressure on your legs including standing.
  • Frozen peas will do the job too or you can buy an ice pack and place over the inflammation.
  • use a towel or anything you can wrap around the swelling keep the ice inside and wrap up tight.
  •  Keep your leg elevated higher than your hips in a horizontal position.
Drugs like ibuprofen can help to reduce the pain and the swelling. Remember that these just treat the symptom and not the cause. 

 Please remember that everything I have posted in this blog is just my advice. If you find something else works best for you thats fine and maybe you can share it in the comments. Peace.

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